1/64, 1/28, 1/24 & 1/18 Custom Police Car Replicas...
    Latest Builds, small ones to BIG ones!

Front left small silver cars are 1/64 Jada Impala and Crown Victoria, Red Tahoe and FHP Tahoe are 1/24 Welly (actually more like 1/28). Far right front Royal Blue (Michigan) Ford Taurus Interceptor 1/24 MotorMax, actual fleet code paint used to refinsh this model. Michigan SP car will have unique hood sign and beacon light on roof. Black and white Ford F-150 Raptor 1/24 Jada will be CHP Off-Road Enforcement truck. Far back center Dodge Charger Texas DPS 1/18 Welly, front bumper holes are filled and repainted.


Chrysler K-car the economy budget cruiser of it's day.

Fire Tahoe builds - Buy as is or custom order it decorated with decals and trim of your department

A few non-police builds and Emergency road service tow vehicles too.

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